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Unwanted Inspiration

Tales from Canned Meat

Spam Lit
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Have you ever gotten a piece of spam that contained something curiously intriguing? A few randomly-generated words and numbers can sometimes fall together in a way that suggests an image, a story, an idea...

This community is a place to post those strange snippets of spam, and the little poems, vignettes, and brief stories they inspire. If you've recieved something oddly fascinating, go ahead and post it here; and if you see something here that catches your imagination, unfold it into a little story or what-have-you for everyone to read. Anything creative based off of a spam email will suffice, we're not picky. Or just read and enjoy!

There's something beautiful in the randomness of it all- drawing inspiration from something as arbitrary and insipid as spam, and creating something memorable.

Community created and moderated by emergent, who is not much of a writer himself.