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(crossposted from my journal as well)

I got this lovely little piece of incomprehensibility in my inbox today. First, the unedited version:

behead some team it a breakdown or ! diagonal see some callus ! try atlantes and may honda it on factious notthe beebread !.
and sole not see hank , may hatchway it the whimper some on persimmon not a fluctuate on or israel ,on crandall some.

Yea verily. Sing it, brother.
On the theme of the spam, I wrote the following:

Ode to an Israeli Persimmon on Some Crandall Evening

The team assembles and considers the situation gravely.
Break it down? How?
On the Diagonal, of course, states the wisest.
Are you sure? asks the newbie. His brow crinkles.
She is the most experienced, the team murmurs,
The sound like the susurration of air in a hatchway.
See her palm, see her thumb. See?
The newbie respectfully eyes the callus.
-- Some callus, ma'am.

She stands poised. There is not a whimper of a decibel to be heard.
Firmly gripping her Atlantes (tm) butcher knife...
The Beebread, a honey-soaked wheat and
Seven-grain concoction, already lies split
Open, exposed,
Ready to receive the red-orange blood
And with a jarring Thwack that does not fluctuate in speed --

Mmm, persimmon.
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