The challenge
Write a spamfic of 100 words or less

The Seed
Subject: Altitude
Body: Holly was at scraggly when that happened befogging. combat at bratwurst or even antarctica as in clientele
evil squirrel

Spitting Devil's Cabbage

Direct from spam:

Subject: Your future, oil drill

rest of the flock, Jon? Why can't you leave low flying to the pelicans,
along I kept thinking where the rumor could have come from. It had to be all
the surface in a smooth curve. The whole point of what you call my first
is something mysterious and maybe even incomprehensible. I've handled quite
when I'm going to appear out of thin air on your beach, and show you a
more rails, a locomotive with flatcars on the rails. In other words, an

"I'm ready " he said at last.
and against the spitting devil's cabbage.... All right.

A quicky

Just a little quicky:

Home Equilty lApproval
Home Improvellment Approval
Home of yollur drealms

It started out simply.

Allmost unoticable.

Just a little doublling where none should be.

But over time it lbegan to get worse, not onlly doublling, but also, random inslertion.

Ilt had exleededl anly nolrm; trans-florming, metal-morphising, becloming somelthing othler than WORLDS.

Unltil in thle enld th.e (in)flestaltilon hadl talk-en rloolt.

In my (d)realms lIl (w)londer n-owl what it wlas llike beflore?

evil squirrel

Intriguing Spam

Subject: Your cash, muffin turner

Excerpt from the message:
that? What does it feel like? How far can you go?"
the empty. There didn't seem to be any web on the empty. I picked up one end
Jonathan circled slowly over the Far Cliffs, watching. This rough
watches, and when they ask him about it later, he tells.
The shimmering stopped. Jonathan Seagull had vanished into empty air.
"Low speed forward," I said to Kirill.

largest science-fiction section of a writers' union is in Hungary; that
hold hands. Especially when you think of those stories about what stalkers'
Shy Guy

Time for some more seeds

Some great seeds from my Gmail account's spam trap... all of the below are real subject lines from spam:

Xmas fermentation
playground sales tax
ruinous nun
primacy leader
museum blurry
goldwater cookery adonis
cain piraeus replaceable
reincarnation liberate
cornflakes insoluble
scraggly D.C.

I'm sure the first one probably has something to do with fruitcakes. ^_^

Some seeds

you am did that's the social. miserable embarrass whom is. a purpose social, respect beautiful suddenly fly?
suddenly sandwich mischievous the servants promised?
back studied my leader corner, here purpose purpose?
corner young out.
mischievous night bad suddenly not latter.
tying beautiful a explain make nothing.

It's almost like poetry on it's own.