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delete grey miasmal

Excerpt from the forbidden text **NAME REDACTED** found on Ruska 4, circa 2439:

And lo! for the second of three promised days
the bubbling pool did heat and stir
releasing its steam and smoke.
And the goodly man cried out in fear.

For what is in the pot but a foul plague
released unto the sky as if the
pits of Hell open up.
And the sky turns dark with the clouds of demons
shades of blue, shades of black, the magnets.

Send them your demons, oh great Cepo
The invaders from the heavens shall
feel your wrath
And turn on their fallen angels of Del,
Apul, and the hated Eyebeam,

And then there will be nothing but
As their books turn to nothingness
And their works
To zero
And one.
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