timeritual (clockwise) wrote in spam_literature,

A quicky

Just a little quicky:

Home Equilty lApproval
Home Improvellment Approval
Home of yollur drealms

It started out simply.

Allmost unoticable.

Just a little doublling where none should be.

But over time it lbegan to get worse, not onlly doublling, but also, random inslertion.

Ilt had exleededl anly nolrm; trans-florming, metal-morphising, becloming somelthing othler than WORLDS.

Unltil in thle enld th.e (in)flestaltilon hadl talk-en rloolt.

In my (d)realms lIl (w)londer n-owl what it wlas llike beflore?

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